Corporate social responsibility

At Total Negotiation Group, we take action to ensure our company values and vision are more than just words on a page.

We have launched a number of policies and support initiatives to ensure our team, our clients and our industry receive equal opportunities to thrive.

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Our customers come from all walks of life, and so do we. We hire great people from diverse backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it makes our company stronger. ​By building a global and diverse team of different cultures, ethnicities, genders and abilities, we are better placed to solve the complex issues that our clients face.​

As part of our commitment to celebrating corporate social responsibility, all TNG team members receive ongoing training from an ED&I professional.​

Read our full ED&I policy here

Females in FMCG

Did you know women have only been ‘permitted’ access to the London Stock Exchange for the last 50 years?

We may have seen a lot of change since 1973, but the FMCG industry still has a long way to go before we can say we’ve achieved equality.

As Total Negotiation Group continues its rapid growth, we remain committed to overcoming underrepresentation in the FMCG industry and advocating for equality.

In 2023, we are launching ‘Females in FMCG’ (F.I.F.) to empower and drive change through impactful conversation and action. We will run a series of private and virtual think tanks and events to inspire discussion and outcomes to support women in FMCG.

Our purpose

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To create and foster a community of exceptional female leaders within the FMCG world who can support and inspire like-minded industry peers.
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To close the gender pay gap, increase women’s representation in senior leadership positions and nurture promising female talent to become the leaders of tomorrow.
To find out more about F.I.F. please contact

Giving back

We pride ourselves on being the most philanthropic commercial transformation consultancy in FMCG.

Our challenging yet supportive nature means we take our philanthropic responsibility seriously. We constantly seek new ways to challenge how we act and contribute to society as an organisation. This includes:

  • We are a proud partner of Grocery Aid
  • Only entering into partnerships with clients whose values align with our own
  • Championing our employees’ philanthropic endeavours by offering time off for participation or matching financial contributions
  • Sponsoring fundraising events, including those that our team members participate in