Customer planning and selling

Negotiations are lengthy by nature. However, sales teams often try to expedite the process, ultimately leading to the agreement leaking value. We work closely with your customer managers to increase their confidence in their abilities, using data to enable them to challenge objections during negotiations and build profitable customer relationships effectively.

The results you can expect


Delivery category growth

By devising excellent JBPs that meet your organisation’s strategic goals whilst delighting shoppers, your business will fuel category growth.

Our experts guide your teams on creating plans that are informed by data, are kept accountable by key deliverables and are clearly communicated.


Successfully sell CPIs

Enable your consumer teams to successfully sell CPIs with confidence, encouraging individuals to bring new insights to the table, challenge expectations and handle objections.


Build compelling brand stories

Drive category growth by devising compelling brand stories grounded in robust insights and inspired by the needs of shoppers.


Drive innovation

Create a customer selling structure that enables your team to fully engage your retail partners and prepare for innovation launches that build incremental value for the category.

Our customer planning and selling solutions

Discover our modernised tools and solutions designed to revive the lost art of selling.

Capability Development

Our programmes are built for your teams’ unique needs. That means we tailor the content to your challenges and use a combination of virtual and face-to-face solutions. Each programme follows three key steps:

DISCOVERY: We understand more about  your commercial needs. This enables us to tailor the content to your questions and challenges.

WORKSHOP: Delivered by senior FMCG experts, the workshop delves deeper into your unique situation. Our experts work closely with your team to uncover opportunities and devise plans.

EMBEDDING: This final step ensures your team can put their skills into practice, encompassing several learning elements, including individual coaching sessions, E-learning modules and refresh sessions.

Consulting Solutions

Many businesses benefit from additional in-depth advisory support. Our customer planning and selling consulting services focus on ensuring you have data-informed strategies for driving growth in place while ensuring your teams are prepared to confidently question, sell and overcome objections and successfully secure agreements.

Explore our workshops and programmes below!

Essential Selling and Negotiation Programme

Our practical Essential Selling and Negotiation Programme is designed to help Account Executives, National Account Managers and everyone in between gain the skills and experience needed to manage the selling process from beginning to end.

Participants use an existing case study to practice preparing for and managing a customer meeting, creating and delivering a persuasive brand story and successfully negotiating their desired outcomes. Our proven selling process informs each step, which establishes clear and supportive guidelines for moving smoothly between selling and negotiation.

3c-roi (1)
3c-roi (1)

Essential Selling Programme

Our practical Essential Selling Programme is designed to help your team quickly master sustainable selling behaviours. Our experts introduce our proven customer-centric selling approach and are on hand throughout to guide practice.

1c-problems-solved (1)
1c-problems-solved (1)

Inspirational Selling Programme

Our advanced Inspirational Selling Programme equips delegates with the skills needed to deploy challenger and category selling approaches designed to provoke clients and create mutual value. Participants are shown how to gather and use insights from a range of sources, including category and shopper data, to challenge thinking and sell compellingly.


Strategic Customer Account Planning Programme

Our interactive SCAP programme is tailored to your team’s needs, providing the approach and platform for cross-functional teams to create dynamic customer-centric plans.

Led exclusively by senior commercial consultants with vast experience in strategic planning, our thought-provoking SCAP programme uses true insight generation to deliver prioritised, clear and aligned customer plans. What’s more, it integrates with your existing operational processes and timings.

picture9 (1)
picture9 (1)

Compelling Selling Stories Programme

Suitable for a range of participants, including Key Account Managers, Analysts and Sales Managers, our Compelling Selling Stories Programme provides participants with a clear understanding of how to use data sources to build insights.

Our experts use inspiring industry examples to help delegates understand what makes a great insight, how to identify category growth and how to wield compelling brand stories to drive action. Your team will work on building a data-driven story that speaks to customers and ties in with your business’s wider strategies.

1-new-perspectives (2) (1)
1-new-perspectives (2) (1)

Embedding tools

Through our in-depth understanding of how learners learn, we have extended our range and style of interventions

image (10) (1)

The world's leading FMCG suppliers trust Total Negotiation Group

Hiring TNG has been one of the most significant and impactful decisions I have made in my role. With their help, we have created $5m of net value.

Total Negotiation Group are excellent negotiation experts who take the time to understand your situation and work closely with you on alternative solutions.

A huge thanks to TNG for their hard work on our customer preparation and negotiation this year. It is an area that our business would highlight as a real success and a great building block for the development of the Go To Retail

I can honestly say it's a pleasure to work with Total Negotiation. They are incredibly collaborative, proactive and innovative. The pace at which we were able to move was remarkable, and their in-depth knowledge and adaptability across markets and individuals was amazing.

Total Negotiation Group takes you through all the different levels of preparation and scenario planning, so that you are always ready at any given moment. You quickly learn the balance of power and tactics that are always at play.

TNG's negotiation programme delivery teams are the best I have seen. They are head and shoulders above anyone else – commercial experience, facilitation skills, best practice sharing... they bring it all!

My experience with Total Negotiation Group has been invaluable. From continuous feedback, to key learnings and building important preparation skills, TNG has been an excellent partner throughout all stages of my negotiations. Working with them has been one of the best key learning experiences of my whole career.

Total Negotiation were trusted to dig deep into our business, to ensure that the capability programmes were not simply "off the shelf", but tailored specifically to our industry, our brands and to the individual delegates. The result was a rich training programme that used industry terminology and examples throughout. This accelerated learning and engaged the team from the first moment.

My team found the Total Negotiation course invaluable in their learning journey. I have witnessed a positive tone in how they are now carrying conversations with our business partners. This is definitely a training course which has not only provided new capabilities, but has been a real confidence booster to the team.

Total Negotiation Group has a way of not just giving you the answers but arming you with the tools and learnings to get you to a recommendation on your own. In most cases, we were able to successfully negotiate either a P&L neutral result or a "pay-for-performance" agreement with many of our key retail partners. Win-win scenarios.

I love the way Total Negotiation Group has built an RGM (Revenue generation management) programme and incorporated core elements of our playbook.

My current senior cohort have been blown away by the quality of the workshop and the way it has been delivered.

I used TNG's negotiation framework this week for internal alignment and preparation... I just closed the price negotiation at the optimal position!

Total Negotiation has been incredibly helpful in bringing clarity of thought and clear guidance in our preparation and implementation of annual negotiations. We have managed to close all key agreements and reach optimal results.

First class experience every time my team and I work with TNG. An experience that puts the business managers at ease, where they can open up about the varied challenges and core issues without any fear of judgement.

TNG has an amazing balance of teaching theory and providing hands-on participation. Their workshops are really inclusive and interesting.


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